How to earn money through Picoworkers/Sproutgigs 2022/2023

How to earn money through Picoworkers/Sproutgigs 2022/2023


One way to make money on coworkers in 2022 is by setting up a freelance business. If you have expertise in a specific area, such as marketing or design, offer your services online or off. It’s also possible to set up an online course and teach it remotely. Alternatively, you could start a blog and offer weekly tips or lessons on topics like finance, cooking, or gardening.

Everyone is trying to find a new job. There are many ways to make money, one of them is
picoworker. This is a website where we can earn money by doing some little tasks.

What is Picoworkers:


Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world. The website
was established in 2013 by way of a US-based agency .

It is very simple to use and people can earn by doing a lot of micro tasks such as signing up, app
download, following social accounts, and many more. Everyone can now work and make money

Now Picoworkers has officially changed its name to SproutGigs

Workers’ and employers’ roles on picoworker :

Picoworkers is divided into two sections Employers and Workers.

1. The Employer Role:
Employers are those people who put up many jobs and small tasks on the web page

2. The Workers Role:
workers are those people who have to complete the small tasks or projects that are posted on
the website and earn money.

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How to make money online with Picoworkers

There are no special requirements to complete these jobs but it depends on the jobs you

Categories of task
There are various types of jobs available on the pico-workers website

Here is a list of jobs

● Sign up
● SEO+ promote content + search + engage
● Data entry, collection, extraction
● Telegram
● Discord
● Video marketing
● Facebook marketing influencer
● Instagram
● Promotion (voting and rating )
● Tick tock
● Twitter
● Survey offer
● Computer programs (PC)
● Comment on other blogs
● Reddit
● Write an honest review
● Forums
● Mobile applications

How to create an account ?

To work on this website Firstly, there is a need to create an account. The Signing up process for
PiCoworkers is free.

Required credentials for signup: This is a very easy and simple process

Here are some essentials things that are required to make a account

● Full name
● Email address
● Password
● Country of residence
● Security question
● Answer (the security question)
● Nickname
● Profile page title – Other Picoworkers can see your profile.
● About me – This is a brief description of yourself.

Steps to create an account:

Here are following some steps
Step 1:
Click on sign up form To Create A New Account

Step 2:
Conform The Account With Gmail Id now write your real name, Email, and password, and confirm
password, nickname, and select country

Step 3:
Add Your Personal Phone Number You Have To Send A Message To The Official Phone
Number Of Picoworkers.

Step 4:
When confirmation is done Congratulations Message Or Mail will be sent now Start Working On

How to withdraw your earnings on Picoworkers

There are various withdrawal options available on this website. If you earn at least $5 you areeligible to withdraw money.

● Airtm
● PayPal
● Skrill
● Uphold
● Litecoin

Referral system in Picoworkers

Picoworkers has a reference system
It provides an opportunity to make extra money by inviting your friends.

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No doubt, Picoworkers are real and Best Paying Remote Job Website that links freelancers
with employers It is allowing businesses to hire employees to complete everything from little tasks to ongoing
projects. The number of freelancers is increasing day by day because of the popularity of this platform

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