What is Entrepreneurship? How to Become an Entrepreneur

Who is Enterpniure:


A person who comes up with new and creative business ideas for their clients is called an enterprise. it refers to an individual who creates a business with the goal of turning a profit. Entrepreneurs come up with an idea for a good or service and package it to sell to consumers. Entrepreneurs can also improve upon an existing good or service and sell it as a better alternative to consumers.

What is Enterpniureship:


Entrepreneurship is the process of setting up a business, taking it from an idea to
a realization. Take risks to act upon ideas .try to spread up the business and make more and
more clients by providing them quality in the business. In this way, clients can easily trust an

What type of Skills should Enterpeniure have:

A good enterpeniure should have the following skills.
● He or she has very good communication skills
● Have a learning attitude
● Should mold his or herself by upgrading their skills according to the demand of the
current Era.
● Be very focused on their work
● The soft skill of sales goes hand-in-hand with the communication necessary to be
successful. As an entrepreneur, this person needs to be able to sell anything and
● Business Strategy

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Enterprise finds investors and interested clients by making them call and research. He or she
creates online marketing campaigns on social media sites like Instagram youtube fiver and many
more. They discuss their products with people describe the qualities of their products
or their business to people they creative teams and trained them on how to convince the clients to
become their regular clients. An enterpeniure plan, organize, staff, and directs things.
enterpeniures set goals to set up their business in high peak.

An enterpeniure takes these initiatives

● Taking Initiative
● Organizing Resources
● Risk-Taking
● Decision Making
● Technology Transfer and Adaptation
● Innovation
● Fostering Autonomy
● Social Responsibility
● Public Relations
● Experience Sharing
● Managerial Roles
● Balanced Economic Development

Taking Initiatives:

This unique function of entrepreneurship gives our civilization a wide variety of products,
ways of actions, production techniques, Enterpeniures are a very energetic person other person’s
can’t do that actions .

Organizing Resources:

It’s a very important factor Organizing in entrepreneurship will expand productivity, promote
the new endeavor, distribute and supervise work and responsibility, and will remove barriers to


Entrepreneurship takes the risk for the new endeavor
For innovative actions in the field of production technology for new products in an elusive market
and new raw materials used in production.

Decision Making

Entrepreneurship has to agree upon the equipment to be used quality, price, and its variation,
inadequacy, capital structure, the feasibility of the project, organizational structure, philosophy of
management, etc. that will guide, run and prosper the new venture or distinct attempt for

Technology Transfer and Adaptation:

This function of entrepreneurship involves and point out suitable technology with market
potential and it into the local environment.
Sometimes, the technology uses aboriginal materials that reduce the cost and wastage of
resources. This entrepreneurial function virtually makes the world united in terms of
homogeneous technology.


Innovation is a creative means to add new utilities to current situations or products.
Entrepreneurship through innovation creates innovative products or operations for human

Fosters autonomy:

Entrepreneurship Fosters autonomy to advent something new of value by the application of
constant efforts and time.

Social Responsibility:

Motivates new entrepreneurs and attracts them to engage in an entrepreneurial venture.
Entrepreneurship provides new products or ideas that give momentum and distinction to

Public Relations:

Past tells that many entrepreneurs were disregarded, coerced and even eliminated for their
entrepreneurial activities. Failure is costly and therefore, public relation is a significant function
of entrepreneurship

Experience Sharing:

Entrepreneurship holds workshops and industrial visits through which the entrepreneurial
experience in different counties may be shared with a widespread adaptation of success.

Managerial Roles

The entrepreneur also does the connected managerial functions such as planning, organizing,
leading and controlling.

Balanced Economic Development:

Entrepreneurs make it possible by establishing business ventures in various parts of the country
in many sectors of the industry.


In simple words, in this article, I conclude that Enterpeniure is a person with creative
mindset.enterpenureship is a process in which an enterpeniure do work actively and energetically
.An inexperienced person can’t do those actions which an enterpeniure does. Enterpeniure is a
a person full of Skills he or must learn the following skills communication focused,
innovation, managerial skills and should perform the above-mentioned functions to be a

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