Best writing skills and how to use as a writer

What are the best writing skills and how to use as a writer:

What is writing?

Writing is a process where symbols have to be arranged to a certain conventions to form words and words have to be arranged to form sentences. symbols, letters, punctuation, grammar and
sentences are used in writing process. Writing is a powerful communication tool because we can translate our ideas and thoughts into statements and paragraphs that will be comprehensible to a reader. As we know, communication process is incomplete without reading, writing, speaking and
listening skills. Writing has many purposes to express and impress the reader. it takes reading , research, thinking and revising
Why do we write For me, writing is the best way to express myself and my feelings.

Here are many reasons

why do we write?

1. We write to express our thoughts and ideas.
2. We write to entertain others for example novels, stories, columns and jokes etc.
3. We write to inform ideas and information with others such as newspapers, articles, and
4. We write to persuade the audience such as research paper and advertisements.
5. we write for communicate with others such as email, letters and chatting
6. Writing can be our hobby for example some people write personal diaries.
7. we write to keep record of transactions
8. We write to express our self.
9. We write to inform, to convey our thoughts.

What is the purpose of writing?

Writing has multiple purposes .One of the main purpose of writing is given below
● To express one self
● To provide information to readers
● To persuade the reader for examples advertisement
● To keep record of transactions
● To convince the reader
● To communicate with others.
● To inform, to convey our thoughts,
Give examples of writing
Here, I mentioned some examples of writing. Writing can be of different types.

Types of writing:

1. Narrative writing.
2. Descriptive writing
3. Expository writing
4. Persuasive writing
1. Narrative writing.
Narrative writing tells stories.
1. Short stories.
2. Novels.
3. poetry and stories.

2. Descriptive writing.

Descriptive writing’s main purpose is to describe.
1. Poetry.
2. Fictional novels and plays.
3. Expository writing.
Expository writing’s main purpose is to explain.
1. Textbooks
2. News reports.
3. Recipes.

4. Persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing’s main purpose is to convince
How do you write?
There are many reasons to write. We can write to express ourselves, to communicate and many
other reasons. I want to share my personal idea that My vocabulary does get better by reading but the words do not stay on my mind as well as they do when I write.
Before start writing I follow the some steps
1. select a topic
2. Make a draft in my mind for writing
3. Take a piece of paper
4. Sit to write answer
5. Write the words
6. Brainstorming.
7. research
8. Proofreading.

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