Easypaisa’s new feature enable users to earn daily profit

Easypaisa’s new feature enable users to earn daily profit:


Easy paisa is one of the safest banking app it introduces new saving feature now we can subscribe that feature and earn daily profit without any lose and fear it based upon Islamic profit criteria it’s not include in interest .


Easy paisa account was established in 2009 . 13 years ago by Telenor with the collaboration of Tameer bank. It was retitled to Telenor Microfinance bank in 2017. It’s key people are
Mr.Shahid Mustafa and Omar Moeen Malik. Easypaisa’s headquarters are in Lahore and Karachi.

Basically Easypaisa is a branchless bank it’s a mobile wallet that you carry in your hands. It is not wrong if we can say it’s a mobile bank account . it has many useful features like transaction of money , buy tickets, do online shopping, donate money to welfares or pay bills
and many more. Easypaisa is totally safe. It’s 100% valid and authentic.

Website of Easypaisa:


How to create An Easypaisa Account step by step:

Here are some easy steps to create Easypaisa Account with any network you just follow these steps to get and enjoy all features of easypaisa account .
• Go to playstore and download Easypaisa app .
• After installing open the app click on let’s get started.
• Go to sign in and click on it.
• Add your phone number e.g (03xxxxx). Make sure you can make your Easypaisa account
on going on number.
• Add your C.N.I.C number e.g (xxxxx-xxxx-x).
• Enter your C.N.I.C date of issuence.
• Or you can just scan your C.N.I.C Q.R code that’s given below on your C.N.I.C
• Then Enter mobile pin of your own choice and re-enter the pin again .(remember do not
share your mpin with anyone it’s confidential just keep it in your mind ).
• After follow all the above steps your account has been created.
• Before starting transaction you need to done biometric verification of your account .
• You just go your nearest retailer shop or frenchies for biometric.
• After biometric you can enjoy all features of easypaisa account.
• You get confirmation from 3737.

Another way to open easypaisa account for Telenor users:

• If you are telenor user want to create an easypaisa account simply you can dail *786#
from your mobile
• Or visit nearest Telenor franchise.

Another way to open easypaisa account for other networks:

Here are some another way to open easypaisa account for other networks users
• Type EP then give space and enter your c.n.i.c number send it to 03451113737.
• Then Easypaisa representatives call you ask you some information for verification of
your account .
• Then create five digit pin .
The most easiest way to create Easypaisa Account on any network is mentioned above

For Query or any Complaint:

Here are some ways to contact and ask any Query or registered your complain to Easypaisa representatives .
• For Telenor users just call on 3737 in case of any Qureey or complaint.
• For other network users just call on 042-111-737 in case of any Query or complaint.

Easypaisa’s Saving app to earn daily profit:

This app is genuine there is no fraud . You can invest and earn profit without cutting extra payment the best thing is you can withdraw money any time without filling any form or formalities .here are the steps to enjoy saving feature as per your choice

1. Open your easy paisa app

go to more and click on it
2. There you can find Saving option go to that and click on savings
3. They offer you three plans
• Silver plan
In this plan you can invest 2k to 4k you can earn daily 7.0% per day you can also use profit calculator to calculate your profit.
Gold plan
This plan starts investment from 5k to 19k with the rate of 9.0% per day.
• Platinum plan
Investment upto 20k to so on and get 11.0% as per your amount.
4. After selecting the plan you can subscribe and enjoy daily profit.

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