How To Make Money With Click Banks In 2022/2023

Click Bank: How To Make Money With Click Banks in 2022/2023


Click Bank is the best known affiliate platform in the world.
In this article we will introduce Click Bank and how it doubt Click Bank is one of the best Networks to start earning with Lead Generation.

It is an easy process to make money with this article We will learn how to use Click bank thoroughly and try to understand all the pros and cons of this affiliate platform.

What is Click Bank?

Click Bank is one of the oldest and most famous affiliate platforms in the world Click bank was founded in 1998 in California
Click bank promote everything from video marketing courses, personal growth , sports, travel, kitchen items, eBooks, guides etc.
Click bank has become famous for high-yielding programs .The commissions are always quite high compared to the other marketplaces,

Features of Click Banks :

Here are  various features of Click Bank
● The sign up process is simple. Everyone can sign up in minutes and start making online sales without any documentation
● Anyone can join the platform for free. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to work in affiliate marketing.
● ClickBank pays commissions up to 75% and they pay quickly on time
● Everything is automated
● 200 million customers spread across 190 countries
● The 87th largest Internet retailer in North America
● affiliate commission of over 25%
● Over $ 3.5 billion paid in total to affiliates
● Many products to promote through the Clickbank
● It provides statistical information because the Statistics help you understand if a product is selling or not

What are the registration requirements for Click Bank?

Click Bank is free for anyone There are some basic requirements for this
● Live in an eligible country
● Enable cookies in your browser
● Have a current account suitable for receiving payments
● If you plan to register as a seller, you must pay a one-time activation fee of $ 49.95.


The Signing up process is very easy as compared to the other Affiliate Networks
● Firstly Open the official website
● click on ‘ Create an Account’
● enter the all details
● confirm the email address
● Now you are ready to promote all their offers.

What niches are covered on Click Bank?

If you are a beginner and wants to dip a finger in this world and also wants to increase his earnings, Click Bank has a good option for you
There are many affiliate programs and product categories to Select from:
● Art and entertainment
● Betting systems
● Business / Investments
● Computer / Internet
● E-Business and E-Marketing
● Training
● Games
● Health and fitness
● House & Garden
● Language courses
● Smartphone
● Parents and families
● Politics / Current Affairs
● Personal training
● Software and services
● Religion
● Sport


If you want to sell a health and fitness product.
● Firstly, click on the affiliate marketplace in the menu
● choose category on the left for example select video games in the categories click on Games. As compared to other affiliate programs Click bank is a monster. Click bank offers 60-day cookies
Other platforms, for example Awin or Cj Affiliate offer 30 day cookies and Amazon offers 24-hour cookies. Click Bank’s payment methods:
There are different ways to get paid
1: check
The good old paper check is the default payment option. It is sent to the address indicated in your account.
2: Bank transfer
ClickBank offers a bank deposit upon reaching the payment . there is no additional cost. You can change the payment method at any time. Whenever you change your email address or password, you can’t change your payment methods for one week. This protects you from scammers.

How to make money with Click Bank:

There are following some methods which you can used to make money from click bank
1. select the right niche
2. select right products
3. use effective landing page
4. use YouTube and reviews views

1 – select the right niche:

Choosing the right niche is the first important step to make money online. The best way to do this is to start from your passions. choose your niche according to your interest.

2 – select right products

Selection of right product is very important to make money

3 -use effective landing page

There are some features of landing page
● You will start building email lists of customers interested in the products
● If the customer does not buy immediately you can continue to propose the offer
● You can start proposing offers that are consistent with the list you are creating
● You can start some funneling strategies

4 – use YouTube and reviews views.

Videos have tremendous power in getting people to buy. Create a video review is a good option because you convince the customers and promote your product easily .You tube is a good source to reach a very large audience and this process can increase your sales.


No doubt this is the era of online marketing and affiliate networks are the primary tool to start making real money online.
Click bank is the perfect platform to start, it offers the highest commissions on the market and a truly remarkable choice of products So we can say this Click bank is the best affiliate network to make money

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