Most Popular Methods To Install WordPress

Most Popular Methods To Install WordPress

There are various and popular methods to install WordPress. A few things are required to get started installing WordPress. need a domain name and hosting besides, when we talk about the installation software. Many questions arise in our mind because various methods are used for different software such as cPanel, FTP with FileZilla, and MySQL etc.


WordPress was released on 27th May, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress allows us to host and build websites. WordPress consists of plugin architecture and a template system. We can design and customize any website according to our requirements. is available in a free and paid version. If we use free version we can’t upload any custom themes or plugins.

What is Domain name:

it is the website address which people have to enter to reach your website.

What is Hosting :

Hosting is a place where website files are stored on the internet like website images or text.

How to install WordPress?

Types of Install WordPress:
1. Installing WordPress automatically
2. Installing WordPress Manually
3. Install WordPress on a subdomain
4. Install WordPress Locally To A Computer

1. Installing WordPress automatically

Automatic installation is easy to work. Softaculous automatic app installer is used to install WordPress in a few clicks. To use Softaculous you login to your host’s cPanel account and
locate the Softaculous WordPress installer icon in the Auto Installers section. Click on one of these icons to launch an auto-installer for WordPress.

Here are some instructions to install WordPress using Softaculous:
● Firstly, Log into cPanel.
● Navigate to Exclusive for Namecheap customers section > Softaculous Apps Installer
● Click the WordPress icon.
● Choose the domain you wish to install WordPress for.
● Select the version of WordPress
● Database Name
● Table Prefix
● The Site Settings
● Click the Install tab to proceed.

2. Installing WordPress Manually

Installing WordPress manually is a very popular method .If you want to install WordPress manually there is a need to download and upload the WordPress files, create a database and install WordPress.

How to install WordPress manually?

This is the step by step process . Here are some steps to install WordPress manually.

1. Download WordPress

● Visit the WordPress website at
● download the latest version.
● Save the zip file When WordPress has downloaded the zip file take time to upload the files to your hosting account.

2. Upload WordPress to your hosting account

There are two ways to upload the files for WordPress hosting.
1. One is a web application (cPanel)
2. one is a desktop application (FileZilla).
They both work the same way to upload ZIP file and there is little difference between them.

3. Using FTP:

FTP is a useful tool. This method uses your hosting account’s file transfer protocol (FTP)
account information to upload files from your computer to your website. If you want to create a copy of your site, you’ll need an FTP such as FileZilla.
Here are some steps to install WordPress with FTP:
● Unpack (unzip) the zip file onto your computer
● Unload (extract) the files to the right directory in your hosting account

4. Upload WordPress and install.

There are two ways to install WordPress on hosting server, manually or with the easiest way using platforms like Softaculous. Manual installation takes a little longer and is a bit more technical.

5. Using cPanel

following are some steps to manually install WordPress:
● Login to cPanel and open the file manager and find the directory you where you want
to use, click public_html.
● Select the directory and click Upload in the toolbar.
● Select File to upload the WordPress .ZIP
● Click the Go Back link
● To click the WordPress file and hit the Extract button in the toolbar.
● a window will pop up asking where to extract the files to.
● Click Extract File(s) to unpack everything inside the zip folder.
● When files are extracted you’ll see a WordPress folder in the directory.
● Click on the WordPress folder .
● select all the files and hit the MoveFile button

4. Install WordPress:

Now to complete the installation process, there is need to setup your website. here are some steps:
● If WordPress files are in the root directory go to
● If you put the files in a subdirectory go to
● Choose the language and hit the Continue button.
● enter the name of your database, and the username and password you noted down earlier.
● Click Submit once you’ve entered the information needed.
● To enter some administration information.
● Type websites title, your desired administrator username and choice of password, and email address
● ready to click Install WordPress.
● Successfully installed WordPress. Now click the Log in button and enter the username and password

3. Install WordPress on a subdomain

If you want to install WordPress on a subdomain you need to create a subdomain using cPanel.
● Log in to your cPanel
● select Subdomains.
● type the subdomain name according to your choice
● click Create to make it live.
● subdomain is now ready.
● To start a blog or website.

5. Install WordPress Locally To A Computer

When you want to install WordPress locally on your computer means your site will remain
offline and the only person who will see it is you.
There are a few options to Install WordPress locally.
● Firstly select an appropriate development environment.
● use WAMP to install WordPress for Windows and use MAMP if using a Mac.
● transfer files and database to a live web server at a later date


No doubt, WordPress is a building tool and most famous and widely used CMS in the World. WordPress has amazing features and attributes it was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites .

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